Brightspot Market 2017


Ah, the Brightspot Market 2017. The curated market of all things cool. Out of all the market events held every year here in Jakarta (there are many - I kinda lost track), this is the one I wait the most. I would say that, because they are very very selective about the brands they curate (and the list of brands every year keeps on growing), and usually I got home with something I bought from the market, or at least eating some interesting food there. Come November, the Brightspot Market is finally back! But now, they've got some twist... they've moved the venue up up in the North!

Indoestri Day 5 – Slow Living


I think I've said it before. If there's a good place I'd recommend to spend your weekend productively in Jakarta, that would be Indoestri. It's been one year since I wrote on the Indoestri Day 3, and fast forward to now, they just did the Indoestri Day 5 last week on 3-4 December 2016! The Indoestri Day is a semi-annual event, which consists of three main events: Self Made People Talkshow, thematic exhibitions/live demonstrations and Pasar Indoestri. There's a single theme to unify them all, and this time, the theme was "Slow Living".

Ruang Seduh Jogja


Imagine that you were in Jogja. You had 2 hours to spend in the city before catching your flight to Jakarta in the afternoon. It was Sunday, and the traffic is not that bad. You thought about visiting one of the local coffee shops, and made a search on the net. The name Ruang Seduh Jogja popped out. It was about 15 minutes drive from your hotel. Would you make the trip? You bet we would!

Sinsa Ramyun Kemang


I know that this post comes pretty late - people have talked about this Sinsa Ramyun like three months ago. Too bad that we couldn't ride the wave at that time as we were pretty swamped with things, not to mention that their first restaurant in Muara Karang is.. pretty far away from where we live. Good thing that they opened the next restaurant in Kemang, which is nearer, though this outlet does not serve pork for the protein. On a nice sunny weekend, we took Sharkie for a ride to Kemang!

Indoestri Day 3 – December 2015

INDOESTRI DAY #3, 2015 - Sharkie's Trail

If there's a good place I'd recommend to spend your weekend productively in Jakarta, that would be Indoestri. Indoestri is a makerspace, basically a co-working space but it is intended for the creative businesses, or as the founder Leonard Theosabrata dubbed them as "Self Made People". It is basically the DIY spirit, which covers the understanding of the creation process, as well as the discipline and motivation in order to act on one's creative passion. Every Saturday, the makerspace hosts workshops with various instructors with various topics (ie. Textile & Leather 101, Natural Dyeing Technique, etc). I usually go here to join the workshops to gain new skills as well as getting some insights. Along with their usual workshop program, last weekend on 11-12 December 2015 they held the Indoestri Day 3, in celebration of Indoestri's first year anniversary!

AARK Collective Eon

AARK Collective Eon - Sharkie's Trail

I'll tell you this: I don't usually buy quartz watches. That is because changing the batteries is a painful process, although this may be an event happening once every two or three years. And also, batteries are not so environmental friendly. So I was surprised myself when I found this particular watch, The AARK Collective Eon, and being drawn into it. I think it was the minimalist design, which looks classy while being quirky at the same time. Anyway, I pulled the trigger and finally the watch landed on me.

Repurposing: Sharkie’s Trail

When I scroll down on the blog, I notice that this blog' contents are mostly food reviews. This, indeed, is one of the intention, however me and Agnes would want the blog to have a wider purpose: to record our journeys with Sharkie, our car.

So with this post, we gladly announce that Sharkie's Trail shall contain wider topic than just food reviews, and maybe stretch it to topics wider than what we can do with Sharkie. Stay tuned for more posts!

NB. Sharkie's getting old, he got sick often lately and we're considering to retire him. It is still under discussion however we hope whatever happens is for the best.

Sisterfields at Seminyak, Bali

Sisterfields Cafe at Seminyak, Bali

Talk about Bali, I still got another cafe to talk about, the Sisterfields Cafe at Seminyak! The cafe has been around since last year, and yet is still popular, so popular that even if you visit the cafe during weekdays, you would still likely have to be on the waiting list..

The Fat Turtle at Seminyak, Bali

The Fat Turtle Bali - coffee

It's been almost one year since I wrote my last post, so I figured out to write this down while it's still hot! Me and Agnes just came back from this cool place in Bali named The Fat Turtle! The place has been around since November last year, and it has gained reputation for serving one of the best pancakes in Bali! That makes us curious, of course, so curious that we have to investigate it. We, unfortunately, have to leave Sharkie back in Jakarta for this one..